Thursday, April 6, 2017

A New Found Dobby

       As Hermione still has her hopes for SPEW (a club to free house elfs), she has found that Dobby works at Hogwarts. This would be kind of sad to figure out that your friend is cooking your food for you and cleaning for you. Imagine that happening to you. Although, Dobby seems very happy to have work, that is what house elfs are trained to do. Also, Hagrid now has an interview with Rita Skeeter, and I do not think that is a good thing. "She'll twist everything he says," Harry says to Ron and Hermione.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Time to Party!

Harry's fellow Gryffindors threw him a surprise party to celebrate his success in the first Triwizard Tournament task! It would be so great to finally feel like you have friends agian after they are mad at you for along time. That would make the stress of being in a very dangerous tournament much better. There is another three months before the next task, and Harry is happy to have lived through the first one. JK Rowling did a nice job of making the story sad for a little bit and then making it happier after time. A good book has its ups and downs!

Giver Movie or Book?

I think that the Giver movie and the Giver book are both great, but the movie is better because it stretches the relationship between Jonas and Fiona, it makes the memories given to Jonas seem more understandable, and it develops the characters more. Even though there were changes from the book to the movie, the movie still stayed true to the book. The characters really brought the story together as well. In the book, it is hard to visualize everything that is happening because there are so many emotions going on.
The first reason that the book more enjoyable than the movie for me is because it stretches the relationship between Jonas and Fiona. In the book it states that Jonas has a dream/Stirring about Fiona. For a more modern audience having a real relationship was more entertaining because it gave the story a little more of a base. When Jonas leaves the community in the book there is no reason for him to stay for Fiona, unlike in the movie when Fiona has feelings for him and wants him to come back for her. Also, Fiona is a bigger character in the movie because she helps Jonas get Gabe from the Nurturing Center. You might think that making Jonas and Fiona have more of a relationship can take away from the real point of the story, but having Fiona and Jonas an important part of the story made leaving the community more of a conflict.
My second reason for favoring the movie over the book is that the movie makes the memories that the Giver shared with Jonas more understandable. In the book, when memories are transmitted to Jonas you have to really think about someone seeing these things for the first time. In the movie the memories are easier to visualize. When Jonas received the memories of good things and bad things, we could not understand the feelings that he really had quite as well as in the movie. You might think that in the book the memories are more special because you can picture them any way you want in your imagination. Although that is true, in the movie there is always the advantage of knowing what the character is thinking by his face and motions. That is why the Giver movie is better than the book because it made the memories shared with Jonas more understandable.
The third reason that I like the book more than the movie is because it develops the characters more. Having actors and actresses to show all of the emotions going on can help you process the story better. When Jonas is mad at Asher for not understanding that the war game they were playing was bad, it was hard to tell what was going on. You might think that the book was descriptive and explained characters well, but having a visual representation of the story seemed to make the characters have more personality. That is why the Giver movie is better than the book because it develops the characters more.
In conclusion, the Giver movie is better than the book because it stretches the the relationship between Jonas and Fiona more, it makes the memories shared with Jonas more understandable, and it develops the characters more. I think that both the movie and the book are great, but the movie pushes the story to the next level. While others say the book is “always” better than the movie, I disagree!     


The Dragon Task

Harry is very frightened about having to steal a golden egg from a possessive mother dragon. He has been chosen to face a Hungarian Horntail, one of the most dangerous. He is last after Cedric, Fleur, and Krum. If I was last, I would not be happy because then I would be anxious for longer. Harry has learned how to transport his broom to him during the tournament and will use his strength of flying to get the egg. Flying over a fire breathing dragon does not sound fun, I would be afraid of getting burned. When it came to Harry's turn I was nervous, but he got the egg and made it out ok. Ron and Hermione meet Harry afterwards, and Ron actually talked to Harry for the first time in weeks! I hope they become good friends again.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Dragon Troubles

        I am on chapter twenty of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and Harry and Hermione are trying to figure out how to defeat a dragon with a simple spell. Harry's first task for the Triwizard Touranment is to get past a dragon with only a wand. If I was in his situation, I would be terrified. Imagine having to face a large, fire breathing dragon with only a magical stick (no affence to the wizarding world). When Professor  Moody says to play to his strengths, Harry thinks of flying. Now all he has to do is learn how to transport his broom to him during the tournament. How "simple"!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Time After Travels

Time After Travels
After the Super Bowl party at John and Terry’s house, family friends, I had been planning to to ask Terry if she would want to do my interview with me. Terry smiled and agreed to it. About a week later, I texted her and asked if that weekend on Sunday would work for her and she said yes. Then I realized that I had a cousin’s birthday party to go to, and we rescheduled for Monday. I was so excited, we were planning to have tea and cookies.  
Before I came to her house, I had to go get cookies from Trader Joe’s. I could not chose the cookies I thought Terry would like, so I bought two types of cookies. When I showed up at her house she had a pleasant smile on and greeted me at the door. I was excited to get started. As I walked in, I noticed that she had a friend over. I was introduced to Amy, her friend, and then we made tea. I felt a little nervous to start asking my questions because I was not sure if my questions were going to make her uncomfortable. Although, I started asking my questions and it all went well. I chose to interview Terry because of her great personality and her love for art and traveling.
Terry has a bright, colorful personality that always puts me in a good mood. Now that I think about it, her mood kind or matches her house;there are lots of interesting things about her as well. Her house was bright and well-decorated, and almost everywhere you look you see a piece of artwork. Terry’s bright pink sweater had shown me again her love for color. Everything about her is bright, even her hair which was white, short, and suited her very well. As  excited as I was to eat cookies, I was also interested in learning about Terry’s life, travels, and art. There was a clock ticking on the wall every second, and it rang every hour and half hour. We sat at her dining room table and laid out cookies and Terry made tea!     
The first question I asked was where she had gone to school first and what was her favorite subject, also if she had liked school. She said that she had gone to high school at Judson High School in Scottsdale, Arizona. Terry said that she really enjoyed history. My follow-up question was what she liked most about history, and she thought about her response. She said that she loved British history. “I loved reading about other people in other places,” she spoke thoughtfully.
Terry loved reading about Africa and wanted to visit there someday. Her favorite part in history was when Britain ruled the world in the early 20th century and colonized India and Africa. Then she said that she also like reading about India. This is when I asked her if history had made her more interested in traveling. Terry said that she had wanted to go to Africa because she liked the animals that lived in that area. Then many years later she got to go to Africa. Antarctica was another place she had read about and eventually got to visit. Some of her favorite places are the exotic places.
My next question was what was her first career, if it was successful, and if it had been in the same place she had grown up in. She said that her first job out of college was licencing in foster homes. After that she ended up in child welfare. She was placing kids in foster homes. “Although, in between these various jobs, when I was pretty young like maybe I worked for a year at Lake Tahoe as a dealer in a casino just because it was fun,” she said unexpectedly.
She was a blackjack dealer and she said it was fun for a little but then it bored her. Then I asked when she started being a social worker and if it had been in Arizona. She said that she had become a social worker in California where she had gone to college in Riverside, CA.
Then I asked where was the first place out of the U.S.A. that she had traveled to and if she really enjoyed it. It turns out that when she was seventeen, she went to Mexico with her parents. She really liked it and actually had written a paper on the Virgen of Guadalupe shrine in Mexico City. I learned that she has also lived in Japan. “I lived in Japan and, um, I would say it was very crowded and the people were very polite,” she had stated.
Since there are so many people in Japan, lots of them live in small apartments. I thought this was funny, when you wanted to ride on a subway old ladies wearing the traditional Chinese outfits would push you out of there way. She said that she could never push them back. Also in Japan, she went to see pandas and there were so many people she was pushed to the back of the crowd. The food, she says, is really good there but then reminded me of the crowdedness. She said that if she could go back to either Japan or Mexico she would go back to Mexico. Although when I asked her if she enjoyed Mexico more, she said that was like asking if she likes apples or pears better. Also, she never lived in Mexico. She would rather go back to Mexico though.
After the subject of travel, I asked a question about artwork. I asked what was her favorite piece of artwork and where is it from. I could tell she was struggling with this question because of how much art I could see all around her house. After consideration, she said that back at her home in Washington she has a piece that really stands out to her. One of her favorites is a paper mache giraffe head that is made of collage materials. She also enjoys her glass framed watercolor of a penguin that was painted in Washington. These two pieces are in Gig Harbor, Washington where she lives for most of the year. At home in SLO, she has three paintings she picked up in Hawaii of sea life. One reason she likes these is because of the vibrant colors.
I was excited to learn more about her travels so she suggested I ask her where her favorite place to travel to was. It turns out that her husband and her really enjoy Antarctica. “My husband and I probably will never forget Antarctica, and it was really our first big trip,” she says. Africa is in second for them, and they really like to watch the animals in the wild there. They have been to Africa about six times! She has gone on Jeep rides where they would go by animals in their own habitats. She says it was nice to be the ones in the cage, but if you got out then that would be to bad. interviewinterviewinterview
Then I asked where she had gotten the most art from. She said mostly from Asia where she had lived or art from where she has lived in the USA. In her years of travel she has bought art from Africa too. I was curious where she had gotten the first piece of artwork out of the US. When Terry had lived in Japan, she picked up lots of Japanese woodblock prints. She has collected a woodblock print from a local artist in Gig Harbor. Although the first painting from Japan she got is at her home in Gig Harbor. “Art will always find its right spot on the wall,” she said after I asked why she had put her artwork where she does. Below are some of her Japanese woodblock prints.


After that I asked where has she gone that the culture stood out most to her. She says that all of the many countries she has been to are culturally different. Africa has many countries where every one of them is somewhat different. She thinks that Africa’s culture is very different to ours. I was wondering if there were any cool traditions that she liked. Terry said, “The Masai warriors live in Kenya are a very regal tribe.” She says that they live in mud and dung huts and keep little possessions. She said that they only live in Kenya. They herd cattle, farm, and would not go around fighting each other. Terry said that years ago the Masai fought against the Americans. John and her really admire the Masai warriors the most.  
Somewhere in between our conversation about the Masai warriors John walks down the stairs, “Cookies and tea?!” he said confused with excitement. Then he asked Terry something about a person she could not recognize in a picture. After that, he got a snack and went back upstairs.
Then I asked a question which had a really long answer. How many places had she traveled to outr of the US. After counting she said about twenty different places. She has been to Canada, Norway, Denmark, South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Borneo, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Chile, South, America, Ecuador, Peru, and Bonaire off the coast of the Venezuela. I asked her if she had ever been to Iceland and she said she had been there too. The flight she takes from Seattle to Europe let’s people stay in Iceland on a cross over if they chose to. This was without extra cost for a few nights. “The terrain is very bleak and windswept but beautiful,” she said thoughtfully. Terry thinks she would go back to Iceland.
I loved interviewing Terry so much, and I think it is really cool that she has gone to so many places. I think that being a traveler makes you more aware of the world and the good and bad things happening in it. When I grown up, I also want to travel a lot and see the world, and even live in some other places to! It surprised me was her amazing collection art she has found in lots of different places. I hope I the chance to talk with her more and learn about each and everyone of her travels. Maybe someday I might also go to these places!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Dangers for River Dolphins

       Tonight I learned adout the main dangers of the river dolphins. Did you know that river dolphins are the one of the most endangered groups of mammals? One of the most common dangers for this mammal is damming. Another older threat that occurred in the eighties was that people in Pakistan were polluting rivers. The Amazon River Dolphins, also called pink dolphins have many threats. Some of the threats include, deforesting near the rivers, over fishing, and paper milling and mining. Also damming, again! I think that the best way to protect river dolphins is to stop damming.

The sites I used were: